Live from Canada

Live from Canada

Amsterdam Staff Band


A compilation of performances recorded live during the Amsterdam Staff Band’s tour of Canada in May 2013.


1 The Golden Pen (Wilfred Heaton)   4:10
2 Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Paul Sharman)   5:07
3 Hallelujah (Cohen, arr. Olaf Ritman) Menno van der Woude, flügelhorn 5:24
4 Divine Communion (Arthur Gullidge)   7:16
5 Lament from “Stabat Mater” (Karl Jenkins, arr. Andrew Wainwright) Michel Rosenquist, euphonium 3:53
6 They Shall Come from the East (Kevin Larsson)   6:27
7 In My Life, Lord, Be Glorified (Kevin Metcalf)   2:39
8 Songs of the Morning, Movement I (Eric Ball)   1:22
9 Time to Be Holy (Paul Sharman)   2:34
10 March of the Hours (Emil Söderström)   4:11
11 Escape Velocity (Martin Cordner)   5:46
12 All My Days and All My Hours (Olaf Ritman)   4:27
13 At the Edge of Time (Ray Steadman-Allen)   17:23
14 Gently Down the Stream of Time (Kenneth Downie)   4:07
15 Amsterdam Festival March (Norman Bearcroft)   3:43