Heritage Series 5 - 1970s

Heritage Series Volume 5 - Music from the 1970s

International Staff Band

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The 1950s and 1960s evidenced new trends, and while in the preceding 90 years of Salvation Army instrumental publication contributions were continually received from all parts of the world, the 1970s saw a surge of new scores from the United States. While some established regular contributors were fading from the scene, material was coming through from new composers whose work gave immense promise. In the ensuing years, it has become clear that much of that promise has been wonderfully fulfilled.

Disc 1 consists of new recordings while Disc 2 is compiled from previous recordings by the International Staff Band.

Tracks (Disc 1)

1 The Souther Cross (Brian Bowen)   4:57
2 Guardian of Our Way (James Curnow)   4:02
3 The Warrior Psalm (Ray Steadman-Allen)   8:50
4 Marche Militaire Française (Camille Saint-Saens, arr. Michael Kenyon)   4:26
5 The Good Old Way (Bruce Broughton)   4:16
6 Wonderful Healer (Dean Goffin)   5:20
7 Faith Is the Victory (James Curnow)   4:15
8 Just Like John (Norman Bearcroft)   3:44
9 New Frontier (William Himes)   6:11
10 The Witness (William Himes)   3:07
  The Lord Is King! (Ray Steadman-Allen)    
11     I. My Joys   3:29
12     II. My Toil   5:58
13     III. My Craftsman’s Skill   4:09
14 In conversation, Lt.-Col. Ray Steadman-Allen and Bandmaster Stephen Cobb   9:35

Tracks (Disc )

1 The Joybringer (Kenneth Downie)   3:39
2 Shout Salvation! (Robert Redhead)   8:47
3 Life’s Pageant (Terry Camsey) Terry Camsey, cornet 7:26
4 Song of the Eternal (Leslie Condon)   13:00
5 Victory for Me! (Wilfred Heaton)   4:28
6 Toccata – Oh the Blessed Lord (Wilfred Heaton)   6:23
7 The New-born Babe (Bruce Broughton)   3:20
8 How Charming Is Thy Name (Robert Redhead)  
9 Variations on “Laudate Dominum” (Edward Gregson)   11:12