Solent Fellowship Band in Contemplative Mood

In Quiet Contemplation

Solent Fellowship Band


The Solent Fellowship Band (Bandmaster John Bird) has released its latest recording, entitled In Quiet Contemplation.

In Quiet Contemplation - Solent Fellowship Band

In Quiet Contemplation - Solent Fellowship Band

Copies of the recording are available from Band Secretary Sue Bird by post at
104 Havant Road
Cosham, Portsmouth, Hants
or by telephone at 02392 378340 or by email at Make cheques payable to “The Salvation Army”. Cost is £12.95 plus post and packaging £1.55.


1 Begin the Day with God (Eric Ball)   2:50
2 Constant Trust (Eric Ball)   9:28
3 In the Love of Jesus (William Hammond, arr. Ray Steadman-Allen) Martyn Thomas, cornet 3:05
4 ’Mid All the Traffic (Leonard Ballantine)   2:54
5 Procession to Covenant (William Himes)   6:11
6 Hold Thou My Hand (Eric Ball)   3:48
7 In Quiet Pastures (Ray Steadman-Allen)   6:34
8 From That Sacred Hill (Dick Krommenhoek) Trombone feature 3:34
9 My Comfort and Strength* (Brian Bowen)   7:00
10 Martyn (Wilfred Heaton)   3:18
11 When Jesus Looked o’er Galilee (Ernest Fewster, arr. Leslie Condon) Vocal feature 2:42
12 Quem Pastores (Geoffrey Nobes)   3:28
13 The Light of the World (Dean Goffin)   5:57
14 Share My Yoke (Joy Webb, arr. Ivor Bosanko) Steve Jones, trombone 4:08
15 My All Is on the Altar (Morley Calvert)   4:03
16 God Be in My Head (Eric Ball)   1:53

* items conducted by assistant conductor David Samuels

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