New Releases from Maple Leaf Brass

The music department of the Canada and Bermuda Territory has released five new titles in the the Maple Leaf Brass series. The pieces include something for Christmas, something for Easter and three items that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of smaller bands.

Each piece is available for purchase individually from the Supplies and Purchasing Department.

27.  The Londonderry Air (Irish Traditional, arr. Norman Bearcroft)

Difficulty level: Moderately difficult.

A sensitive treatment of the timeless melody, associated with the words, “If on my soul, a trace of sin remaineth.”

28.  Suite – With Heart and Hand (Kenneth Smith)

Difficultly level: Difficult.

  1. The Call (“To the war, to the war”)
  2. The Challenge (“There are people hurting in the world out there”)
  3. The Commission (“Rescue the Perishing”)

29.  Chorus Setting – He Is Lord (Wayne Thompson)

Reduced “Triumph Series” scoring suitable for smaller bands. Difficultly level: Moderate.

Includes references to “Up from the grave he arose”. Particularly useful for Easter celebrations.

30.  Song Arrangement – Still (Reuben Morgan, arr. Jeremy Smith)

Difficulty level: Moderate.

A straightforward setting of the popular worship song, “When the oceans rise and thunders roar”.

31  March of the Three Kings (Kenneth Smith)

Reduced “Triumph Series” scoring suitable for smaller bands. Difficulty level: Moderate.

A new arrangement of this French traditional Christmas classic.

THEME Online posting dated 17 October 2013