From the Mountains to the Downs

CWS (Manchester) Band
GUS (Footwear) Band
Black Dyke Mills Band

World of Brass
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Brass bands had a very successful period during the era of the LP (especially from the mid-1960s onwards) with many of the top labels of the time (EMI, Decca, Polydor, Pye and Fontana), as well as a number of smaller labels, all taking a keen interest. This album of six epic test pieces, originally recorded for LP release between 1963 and 1976 reflects that interest but, equally, sets out to portray three of the best brass bands of the time.

1 Overture: The Force of Destiny (Giuseppe Verdi, arr. Frank Wright) CWS (Manchester) Band 7:14
2 Overture: Le Carnival Romain (Hector Berlioz, arr. Frank Wright) GUS (Footwear) Band 9:15
3 A Downland Suite (John Ireland) CWS (Manchester) Band 16:35
4 High Peak (Eric Ball) Black Dyke Mills Band 11:56
5 James Cook – Circumnavigator (Gilbert Vinter) GUS (Footwear) Band 10:48
6 Un Vie de Matelot (A Sailor’s Life) (Robert Farnon) Black Dyke Mills Band 11:15