Master Brass - Volume 24

Seindorf Beaumaris Band
Tredegar Town Band
Virtuosi GUS Band

World of Brass
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1 National Emblem (Edwin Eugene Bagley, arr. Jameson) Tredegar Town Band 1:59
2 Jubilee Overture (Philip Sparke) Virtuosi GUS Band 6:23
3 A Manchester Tale (Andrew Duncan) Tredegar Town Band 6:25
4 Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Traditional, arr. Larsen) Dewi Griffiths (cornet) with Tredegar Town Band 2:56
5 Themes from Silverado (Bruce Broughton, arr. Gareth Green) Virtuosi GUS Band 4:36
6 A Kensington Concerto (Eric Ball) Seindorf Beaumaris Band 11:41
7 Smile (Charles Chaplin, arr. Larsen) Stephen Sykes (trombone) with Tredegar Town Band 3:32
8 Damba (Franco Cesarini) Tredegar Town Band 2:16
9 Hejre Kati (Jeno Hubay, arr. Mark Freeh) Peter Collins (cornet) with Virtuosi GUS Band
10 Sunset over the River Exe (Kenneth Downie) Virtuosi GUS Band 4:03
11 Helter Skelter (W. G. Lemon) Gavin Pritchard (xylophone) with Tredegar Town Band 3:26
12 Somewhere (Leonard Bernstein, arr. Eric Crees) Virtuosi GUS Band 3:56
13 Ol’ Man River (Jerome Kern, arr. Mark Freeh) Virtuosi GUS Band 6:12