Manger Musikklag

World of Brass
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  An American in Manger (Martin Winter)    
1       I. Mangernetisk!   3:50
2       II. Manger Springer Featuring Rinat Arzumov (cornet) 4:32
  Manger’s Madrigal Mystery Tour (Traditional, arr. Martin Winter)    
3       I. Amor Vittorioso   4:02
4       II. Il Est Bel et Bon (twisted)   3:52
5       III. Fatal la Parte (twisted) Featuring Anne Britt Hermansen (trumpet) 4:09
6       IV. Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno (twisted)   5:21
7       V. Now Is the Month of Maying (twisted)   3:47
  Central Park Suite (Martin Winter)    
8       I. The Wollman Rink Featuring Anne Britt Hermansen (trumpet) 4:29
9       II. The Delacorte Theatre   5:16
10 Red Shoe Dance Sequence No. 2 (Martin Winter) Randi Holm (flügelhorn) 4:59
11 Ocean 2 (The Mediterranean) Ballet of the Star Fish (Martin Winter) Birgitte Bjørnsdatter Bruget (trombone) 5:57
  Bon Anniversaire Suite (arr. Martin Winter)    
12       I. Cheburashka (on a theme by Vladimir Shainski)   3:49
13       II. Las Mananitas (The Morning Song) Featuring Birthe Carlsen (euphonium) 4:58
14       III. Happy Birthday   4:28
15       IV. Mein Geburstag im Casino 2065   4:32
16       V. Hurra For Deg   6:10