Wilby 5-Disc Set

Grimethorpe Colliery Band
Williams Fairey Band
Black Dyke Band


Doyen/World of Brass
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A five-disc collection of brass band works from the pen of Philip Wilby.

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Grimethorpe Colliery Band

1 Paganini Variations  
2 Flight Mark Walters, flügelhorn
3 Partita for Band (Postcards from Home  
4 Masquerade  
5 The New Jerusalem  

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Williams Fairey Band

1 Jazz  
2 Lord of the Dance  
3 Shadow Songs  
4 White Knuckle Ride Brett Baker, trombone
5 Turba  
6 Unholy Sonnets Kate Radmilovic, vocal
7 The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended  
8 Dragons Arise  

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Vienna Nights

Black Dyke Band

1 Dove Descending  
2 Northern Lights  
3 Music for the Moving Image  
4 Vienna Nights  

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Red Priest

Black Dyke Band

1 Red Priest  
2 Concertpiece David Thornton, euphonium
3 Wondrous Cross  
4 A Brontë Mass Phil Gault, vocal, and the Bach Choir

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In Tribute

Black Dyke Band

1 A Breathless Alleluia  
2 Paganini Variations  
3 In conversation Philip Wilby and Paul Hindmarsh
4 Masquerade  
5 Revelation