Favourite Hymn Tunes of the Salvation Army Vol. 1

Kettering Citadel Band (Bandmaster Richard Phillips)

World of Brass
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Cover Art - Favourite Hymn Tunes of the Salvation Army Vol 1

The start and close of a Sunday’s worship is a very important time and the privilege of leading that time can often fall to one of the corps’ music sections to provide a selection of suitable music. Whether it be the first tune of the day to set the mood, even to bring the congregation into a quiet place before the service commences or the final benediction to reflect on a Sunday’s worship, the moment is always important, often sensitive and transitional. Many of the tunes found in The Salvation Army hymnals fulfill the demands of this role perfectly. The selection of hymn tunes featured on this recording largely fall into a reflective category but, in contrast, others are included to uplift our spirits.

1 St. Francis (Geistliche Kirchengersang)
2 Randolph (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
3 Bowes (Ray Bowes)
4 Armadale (Lily H. Skinner)
5 Crown Him with Many Crowns (George Job Elvey, arr. Richard Phillips)
6 Flow Gently Sweet Afton (James Spilman, arr. Norman Bearcroft)
7 As the Deer (Martin Nystrom, arr. James Wright)
8 Chalvey (Leighton George Hayne)
9 In the Strength of the Lord (Ivor Bosanko)
10 Ascalon (Traditional, arr. Ray Steadman-Allen)
11 Fewster (Ernest Fewster)
12 None of Self (James Mountain)
13 They’ll Sing a Welcome Home (Robert Lowry)
14 Repton (Hubert H. Parry)
15 Hammond (William Hammond)
16 Deep Harmony (Handel Parker)
17 Heaven Came Down (John W. Peterson)
18 Out of My Darkness (John Larsson)
19 Peace (Eric Ball)
20 Harton Lea (George Marshall)
21 Cardiff (J. F. Herring)
22 The Well Is Deep (Harry Woods, arr. Norman Bearcroft)
23 My Humble Cry (Ernest Rance)
24 Spohr (Louis Spohr)
25 In Christ Alone (Keith Getty, arr. Dean Jones)
26 Marshall (George Marshall)
27 Hereford (Samuel S. Wesley)
28 Worcester (Richard Rance)
29 King of Kings, Majesty (Jarrod Cooper, arr. Dean Jones)
30 South Shields (George Marshall)
31 Richmond (Thomas Haweis)
32 St. Teresa (Charles Skinner)