Triumph Series Band Journal, March 2014

Triumph Series Band Journal, March 2014
Numbers 1247 – 1250

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Triumph Series Band Journal, March 2014, Numbers 1247 - 1250

No. 1247  March – Spirit of Darwin (Noel Jones)
This march was written as a tribute to Majors Hilton and Wilga Morris. It contains the well-known Salvation Army songs “Ever is the war cry” and “O my heart is full of music and of gladness”.

No. 1248  Duke Street Variations (Andrew Mackereth)
This set of variations on the well-known tune “Duke Street” was written at the request of Young People’s Band Leader Andrew Laird for the centenary weekend of the Clydebank Citadel Young People’s Band.

No. 1259  Prelude – Thank You, Lord (David Rowsell)
A prelude based on the chorus, “Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul”.

No. 1250  Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus (Howard Davies)
A setting of the well-loved melody, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”, with a concluding statement of “Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus”.