Journey - Misa Mead

Journey - Misa Mead

Misa Mead (Euphonium) with Tomoko Sawano (Piano)

World of Brass
Price: £13.95


This is the stunning debut recording from Misa Mead (née Akahoshi). The recording captures her superb musicianship and control, and includes several works composed or arranged by the performer.


1 Fantasy Pieces (Robert Schumann, arr. Pierre Cambourian) With Tomoko Sawano (piano)
2 Concerto for Euphonium (“Summer of 2008”) (David Gillingham) With Tomoko Sawano (piano)
3 Hummingbrrrd (Steven Bryant)  
4 Journey (Misa Akahoshi) With Tomoko Sawano (piano)
5 Fantasy Rondo (Derek Bourgeois) With Steven Mead (euphonium) and Tomoko Sawano (piano)
6 Otemoyan Fantasy (Misa Akahoshi) With Tomoko Sawano (piano)
7 Waltz Op. 39 No. 15 (Johannes Brahms, arr. Misa Akahoshi) With Tomoko Sawano (piano)
8 Game for Euphonium and CD (Misa Akahoshi)