We Meet Again


Howard Snell and Foden's Band

World of Brass
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“My time as Musical Director of Foden’s Band started in 1980, continued to the latter part of the 1990s and then restarted informally, as an occasional guest, some 10 years later. By then, I had left contesting behind and, for the first time in my life, was living without performing and writing music every day. I was, however, drawn back from time to time to arranging for my own amusement, but also to composing, something I had only done now and again, usually for a specific purpose.

“In this recording, I have grouped my own pieces together to leave the arranged repertoire separate. Regarding my arrangements, even when in the thick of banding, I never arranged anything I didn’t want to arrange. I need the music to tell me what to do, which I can’t do with music I don’t like or understand. Equally, I love the feeling of showing some new musical treasure, whether great or small, to those who have not been as lucky as I.

When asked by Foden’s to make this recording of my music, I didn’t hesitate. Not only is it an armchair ride to conduct the band, they are as welcoming a group as you can find. I value too, their activity in education, working with young musicians, not just locally, but in many parts of the country.”

Howard Snell


1 In Thee Is Joy (J. S. Bach, arr. Howard Snell)   2:14
2 Andante (J. S. Bach, arr. Howard Snell)   4:48
3 Czardas (Johann Strauss II, arr. Howard Snell)   2:14
4 The Hungarian March (Hector Berlioz, arr. Howard Snell)   4:45
5 18th Variation on a Theme of Paganini (Sergei Rachmaninov, arr. Howard Snell) Richard Poole, soprano cornet 3:17
6 You’ll Never Walk Alone (Richard Rodgers, arr. Howard Snell)   4:40
7 Postcard from Mexico (Howard Snell)   3:36
8 Oration (Howard Snell) Glyn Williams, euphonium 4:56
9 Lullaby (Howard Snell) Helen Williams, flügelhorn 3:34
10 The Old Chalet (Traditional, arr. Howard Snell)   5:55
  Suite from Images of the Millenium (Howard Snell)    
11       I. The Crystal Palace   2:59
12       II. Nocturne   5:54
13       III. Odyssey   5:39
14 Anyone Can Whistle (Stephen Sondheim, arr. Howard Snell)   3:44
15 The Way We Were (Marvin Hamlisch, arr. Howard Snell)   4:00
16 Cavanquinho (Nazareth, arr. Howard Snell)   2:28
17 Procession to the Minster (Richard Wagner, arr. Howard Snell)   6:55