World Class Marches of the Salvation Army Volume 4


Black Dyke Band
Musical Director Dr. Nicholas J. Childs

World of Brass
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The marches chosen for this fourth volume of Salvation Army marches, the second album focused on festival (concert) marches, range in date from the early 1920s to the first decade of the 21st Century. While the formal designs do not vary greatly, the styles selected display a wide scope amounting to a neat historical overview of changes in Salvation Army music within nearly a century. One fascinating aspect for the listener will be to compare the early and mature works by William Himes and Kevin Norbury. Another would be to compare and contrast marches that, for a lack of a better word, appeal to the “typical” or “average” listener to those that demand a different kind of commitment in the listening experience, for example, On Parade versus Valiant. Ultimately, this is a joyous, uplifting programme marked by attractive and purposefully diverse styles and approaches in a musical form that still holds wide interest.


1 Salvation’s Song (William Gordon)   3:55
2 The Joybringer (Kenneth Downie)   3:56
3 The Warriors (Brian Bowen)   2:48
4 Motivation (William Himes)   4:50
5 The Sound of the Gospel (Robert Redhead)   3:19
6 Valiant (Brenton Broadstock)   4:07
7 Crossbearers (Martin Cordner)   3:42
8 On Parade (Eiliv Herikstad)   3:38
9 Pressing Onward (Erik Leidzén)   5:04
10 The Proclaimers (Kevin Norbury)   3:39
11 Univeral Message (Leslie Condon)   5:12
12 The Witness (William Himes)   3:04
13 The Scarlet Jersey (Ray Steadman-Allen)   4:32
14 The Ransomed Army (Kevin Norbury)   5:28