Easter Glory


New York Staff Band
Bandmaster Ronald Waiksnoris

Price: $15.00

Rarely have Salvation Army brass bands produced recorded programs focused on the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas has provided the more popular focus, as have concert programs with a praise emphasis of general focus.

Staff Bandmaster Ronald Waiksnoris and the New York Staff Band here provide a thoughtful, worshipful sequence of both classic and new pieces that allow the listener a challenging and contemplative experience. Here, essentially, pivotal aspects of Christian thought and the Gospel story become enhanced and illuminated through musical means. May the music encourage believers and shed new light on foundational, essential aspects of their faith.

1 Easter Festival Parade (Kenneth Downie)  
2 The Essence of Faith (Marcus Venables) Derek Lance, cornet
3 Beneath the Cross (Ray Starling)  
4 – 6 Logos (Ray Steadman-Allen)  
7 The Lord’s Prayer (Albert Hay Malotte) Christopher Ward, soprano cornet
8 See, What a Morning (arr. Dorothy Gates)  
9 Green Hill (Norman Bearcroft) Timothy Ward, horn
10 The Challenge of the Cross (Dean Goffin)  
12 Major Leslie Condon Introduction  
13 – 15 Easter Glory (Leslie Condon)