A Tribute to Major Leslie Condon


Croydon Citadel Band (Bandmaster Iain Parkhouse)
Regent Hall Songsters (Songster Leader Mark Walton)
Les Neish, tuba
Brett Baker, trombone

World of Brass
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The test of any art form is its ability to speak to different generations. It should never have a “shelf life” but be constantly able to stir the various emotions it seeks to convey. Thirty years since his death, many have experienced the music of Major Leslie Condon, recognizing a life-work that continues to speak into the hearts of those who listen, challenges the musician and draws one’s mind to the Divine.

The quality of composition is evident within this recording but it represents only a small selection of his output. In total, Condon had 60 brass and 35 vocal works published by the Salvation Army. Many of these are played and sung regularly in the 21st Century, connecting with a new generation in a way that not only shows his compositional artistry but reflects his own dedication to ministry.


1 Exeter Temple (Leslie Condon) Croydon Citadel Band 4:05
2 Splendour of Youth (Leslie Condon) Croydon Citadel Band 7:02
3 A Call to Care (Leslie Condon) Regent Hall Songsters 3:18
4 City of Three Spires (Leslie Condon) Croydon Citadel Band 11:34
5 Celestial Morn (Leslie Condon) Les Neish (tuba) with Croydon Citadel Band 9:19
6 The Love of My Lord (Leslie Condon) Regent Hall Songsters 5:04
7 The Front Line (Leslie Condon) Croydon Citadel Band 5:09
8 Hymn to Christ (Leslie Condon) Regent Hall Songsters 5:11
9 Song of Exuberance (Leslie Condon) Brett Baker (trombone) with Croydon Citadel Band 7:35
10 Easter Glory (Leslie Condon) Croydon Citadel Band 11:45
11 Bognor Regis (Leslie Condon) Croydon Citadel Band 2:32