A New Dawn


Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band

World of Brass
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It’s true to say that every instrument, in its quest to find a place within the landscape of music, needs its champions, pioneers and virtuosi. Where would the violin be without Paganini or Menuhin; the piano without Liszt or Horowitz; the trumpet without Andre or Marsalis?

To lead the tenor horn into undiscovered territory, enter Owen Farr. Not only has Owen dedicated so much of his life to developing the most incredible technique the instrument has ever known, he continues to spearhead the growth of its repertoire, the latest step along the path of which is this solo album, consisting entirely of premiere recordings. Across the ever-changing landscape of music, a new dawn has arrived!


1 A New Dawn (Christopher Bond) 4:06
2 Dragon Dances (Andrew Baker) 6:53
3 A Celtic Promise (Philip Harper) 4:45
4 Tenor Toccata (Rodney Newton) 5:46
5 Diversions on Gwahoddiad (Tom Davoren) 6:28
6 Trip the Light Fantastic (Dan Price) 5:19
7 Triptych (on a Theme by Handel) (Peter Meechan) 7:36
8 Meditation from Thais (Jules Massenet, arr. Judith Hayes) 5:15
9 La Capricieuse (Edward Elgar, arr. John Jemmett) 3:57
  Concerto for Tenor Horn (Lucy Pankhurst)  
10       I. Call to Arms 5:00
11       II. Forgotten Oath 6:21
12       III. Fool’s Dance 3:29
13 Swingy Thing (Duke Ellington, arr. Philip Harper) 3:28