London Central Fellowship Band conducted by Bandmaster Julian Bright

World of Brass
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We want to take you on a journey. A journey of discovery, a musical journey, a journey of sound, concept and emotion. A journey that explores an abundance concept. Abundance is simply defined as “full to overflowing”. This is the constant theme that flows unceasingly through the journey of this album. A celebration of the abundance of God’s love, life’s riches and the sublime gifts and talents in music creation and music performance, designed to lift the listener from enjoyment to adoration.

– Julian Bright


1 Shine on Us (James Wright, arr. Andrew Mackereth)   3:29
2 Abundance (Marcus Venables)   4:16
3 Sound Out the Proclamation (Eric Ball)   6:29
4 Oasis (Kenneth Downie) David Thomas (Cornet) 4:40
5 Dance Like David (Andrew Mackereth)   3:04
6 The Water of Tyne (Traditional, arr. Philip Harper)   3:50
7 Lift Up Your Voice (Stephen Bulla)   2:33
8 Share My Yoke (Joy Webb, arr. Dudley Bright) Dudley Bright (Trombone) 3:44
9 Shoeburyness (Eilav Herikstad)   2:59
10 Hymn for Diana (Joseph Turrin)   6:09
11 The Better World (Norman Bearcroft) David Daws (Euphonium) 9:06
12 There Is a Green Hill Far Away (Noah Bruce, arr. Roy Newsome)   3:13
13 The Invincible Army (Erik Leidzén)   2:31
14 Hymn to the Fallen (John Williams, arr. Klaas van der Woude)   5:44
15 Florentiner March (Julis Fucik, arr. Frank Renton)   5:36
16 Lord, With My All I Part (Alice Edwards, arr. Iain Rayner) Julian Bright (Cornet) and David Daws (Euphonium) 3:22