Flowers Band (Conducted by Paul Holland)

World of Brass
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This recording from Flowers Band, conducted by Paul Holland, features the music of young composer and tenor horn virtuoso Jonathan Bates, including the title track, a euphonium concerto performed by David Childs.


1 Ride (Samuel Hazo, arr. Jonathan Bates)   3:31
2 With Quiet Courage (Larry Daehn, arr. Jonathan Bates)   4:22
3 Out of the Storm Clouds (Jonathan Bates)   12:34
4 Olympiada (Samuel Hazo, arr. Jonathen Bates)   4:20
  Statos Concerto (Jonathan Bates) David Childs, euphonium  
5       I. Charge of the IntergalactRocks   4:59
6       II. Sleeping Earth   5:16
7       III. Dance of the Spiral Galaxies   3:42
8 Cadillac of the Skies (John Williams, arr. Jonathan Bates)   4:48
9 Overture: God Save the Queen (Jonathan Bates)   3:30
10 Through the Gates of Clos Lucé (Jonathan Bates) Paul Richards, soprano cornet 4:25
11 Concertino Catalonia (Jonathan Bates)   2:08
12 Romani Fire Dance (Jonathan Bates)   2:02
13 Swiss Nocturne (Jonathan Bates) Ben Stratford, baritone 5:35
14 Russian Folk Festival (Jonathan Bates)   2:25
15 Troldhaugen (Jonathan Bates) Rosie Hughes, tenor horn 4:11
16 Upon the Celtic Cross (Jonathan Bates)   4:51