Triumph Series Band Journal, March 2015


Triumph Series Band Journal, March 2015 Numbers 1259 – 1262

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No. 1259  March – Divine Care (Eiliv Herikstad)
The message of this march is “God will take care of you!” The introduction reflects the beginning of the song of that title, which is presented in full at sections C and D.

No. 1260(1)  Cornet Solo – Become Aware of Him (Michael Davis)
A setting for cornet and band of Colonel Robert Redhead’s song “Become aware of him”, which was originally published in The Musical Salvationist.

No. 1260(2)  Hymn Tune Arrangement – St. Peter (David Rowsell)
An arrangement of the hymn tune “St. Peter”, associated with the words “In Christ there is no east or west”.

No. 1261  Song Arrangement – The Deep Love of Jesus (Andrew Blyth)
The strong hymn tune “Ebenezer” was composed by the Welshman, Thomas John Williams (1869 – 1944), who served as organist and choir director at various churches in an around Llanelli. This arrangement is more relaxed in style than the original and attempts to convey the freedom of the verses, “O the deep, deep love of Jesus, vast, unmeasured, boundless, free”.

No. 1262  Everybody Praise His Holy Name (Nicholas King)
A bright arrangement by Nicholas King of Remco Hakkert’s song “Praise His holy name”.