Regionals 2016

Regionals 2016 recording cover art

Regionals 2016

BNFL (Leyland) Band
Black Dyke Band
Cory Band

Doyen/World of Brass
Price: £13.95 (including VAT)

This recording features the test pieces chosen for the 2016 Regional contests, played by top bands. This is a compilation recording.


1 Cambridge Variations (Philip Sparke) BNFL (Leyland) Band 16:09
  Essay (Edward Gregson) Black Dyke Band  
2       I. Dialogue   4:02
3       II. Soliloquy   5:18
4       III. Epigram   3:16
5 The Mermaid of Zennor (Philip Harper) Cory Band 12:25
  A Cambrian Suite (Michael Ball) Black Dyke Band  
6       I. Gwyr Harlech (“Men of Harlech”)   2:09
7       II. Suo Gâo (“Cradle Song”)   3:10
8       III. Codiad yr Hedydd (“The Rising of the Lark”)   3:11
9 The Journal of Phileas Fogg (Peter Graham) Black Dyke Band 10:11