Forte - Derick Kane

Derick Kane (Euphonium)
With the International Staff Band (Bandmaster Dr. Stephen Cobb)

World of Brass

Euphonium virtuoso Derick Kane presents a collection of euphonium solos and features, backed by Dr. Stephen Cobb and the International Staff Band.

1 Forte (Paul Sharman)   4:08
2 When He Comes (Howard J. Evans)   5:03
3 Some Glad, Sweet Day (Bernard Tovey, realized by Bramwell Tovey)   9:08
4 They Could Not (Ron Harris & Claire Conniger, arr. Derick Kane)   4:37
5 A Starry Crown (Brindley Boon)   5:10
6 Divine Right (Derick Kane, arr. David Catherwood)   3:38
7 Star Lake Variations (arr. Paul Sharman)   6:26
8 Life of a Day (Bruce Broughton)   5:41
9 The Pathway (Ray Bowes)   8:46
10 The Flower Duet (Delibes, arr. Derick Kane) Also featuring Stephen Kane 6:03
11 The Better World (Norman Bearcroft)   9:12
12 St. Clements (Kenneth Downie) Also featuring Jonathan Evans, Graham Lawrence, John Starkes, David Taylor, and Andrew Hedley 4:26