Of Gods and Kings

Foden's Band - Of Gods and Kings (2016)

Foden’s Band – Of Gods and Kings (2016)

Foden’s Band
Conducted by Michael Fowles

Doyen/World of Brass

The latest recording from Foden’s Band was released at the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, Royal Albert Hall, 8 October 2016.


1 Le Roi d’Ys (Édouard Lalo, arr. Frank Wright) 10:46
  Odin from “The Land of Fire and Ice”, Op. 76 (Arthur Butterworth)  
2       I. Allegro Molto 5:12
3       II. Largo Assai 5:35
4       III. Presto 4:51
5 A King’s Lie (Stan Nieuwenhuis) 13:12
6 Prometheus Unbound (Granville Bantock) 9:21
  King Arthur – Scenes from a Radio Drama (Benjamin Britten, arr. Paul Hindmarsh)  
7       I. Overture 3:02
8       II. Galahad and the Holy Grail 3:25
9       III. Lancelot and Arthur 3:40
10       IV. The Death of Arthur 5:19
11 Entry of the Gods into Valhalla (Richard Wagner, arr. Howard Snell) 8:25