War Memorials


Tredegar Town Band conducted by Ian Porthouse
Cory Band conducted by Philip Harper and Robert Childs

World of Brass


1 Occasional Overture (Benjamin Britten, arr. Paul Hindmarsh) Tredegar Town Band 7:42
2 Men Marching (War Memorial No. 1), Op. 50 No. 1 (Robin Holloway) Cory Band 11:11
3 Voices (In Memoriam) (Lucy Pankhurst) Tredegar Town Band 10:43
4 From Hills and Valleys (War Memorial No. 2), Op. 50 No. 2 (Robin Holloway) Cory Band 13:20
5 The Maunsell Forts (Nocturne for Brass Band) (John McCabe) Cory Band 16:29
6 St. Edmundsbury Fanfare I (Benjamin Britten) Tredegar Town Band 0:45
7 Diversions (after Benjamin Britten’s Diversions, Op. 21): No. 1 Prelude: His Depth (Lucy Pankhurst) Tredegar Town Band 3:47
8 St. Edmundsbury Fanfare II (Benjamin Britten) Tredegar Town Band 0:42
9 Diversions: No. 2 Scherzo: His Vitality (Simon Dobson) Tredegar Town Band 3:18
10 St. Edmundsbury Fanfare III (Benjamin Britten) Tredegar Town Band 0:47
11 Diversions: No. 3 March: His Sympathy (Paul McGee) Tredegar Town Band 4:29
12 St. Edmundsbury Fanfare IV (Benjamin Britten) Tredegar Town Band 1:12
13 Diversions: No. 4 Toccata: His Skill (Gavin Higgins) Tredegar Town Band 4:47

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