El Olam - Euphonium Solo

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The Hebrew word olam translates as “eternal”, “everlasting”, “forever”, “lasting”, or “ancient”. When paired with el to make El Olam, it means Eternal God or Everlasting God. This name of God teaches us that God has no beginning, no end, and stands outside of and beyond time. God’s nature and purposes are timeless, for He created time and He is not limited by time in any way.

“Before there was a universe and before there was time, God existed, without beginning and without end.” (Psalm 90:2)

The term olam also includes the unchangeable nature of God. Everything we know changes, in some way, over time; but God never changes. His character, His Word, His promises, His purposes, and His kingdom never change and never end.

This solo was commissioned in 2015 by euphonium soloist Micah Parsons. The melody “Yesterday, Today, Forever”, first published in The Musical Salvationist in 1984, forms the basis of the middle portion of the music and references to this beautiful tune by Ivor Bosanko can be heard throughout the work.

The solo can be used equally well in the cadenza version (duration 5:45) and non-cadenza version (duration 5:05). For the non-cadenza version there is a simple cut which is marked on the score.

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