Black Dyke Gold VI

Black Dyke Gold VI

Black Dyke Band conducted by Nicholas Childs
World of Brass/Doyen


1 Yorkshire Brass (Derek Broadbent)   3:06
  Pageantry (Herbert Howells)    
2       I. King’s Herald   4:06
3       II. Cortège   5:04
4       III. Jousts   4:14
5 Over the Rainbow (Howard Arlen, arr. Goff Richards) Siobhan Bates, tenor horn 4:11
6 Suite from “Young Sherlock Holmes” (Bruce Broughton)   6:04
7 One September Morning (Robert Eaves) Zoe Hancock, flügelhorn, and Katrina Marzella, baritone 4:26
8 Hallelujah Chorus (Georg Fredick Handel, arr. Philip Wilby) Philip Wilby, organ 3:34
9 Bravura (Peter Graham) Daniel Thomas, euphonium 4:45
10 Candide Overture (Leonard Bernstein, arr. Howard Snell)   4:10
  James Bond 007 Suite    
11       On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (John Barry, arr. Darrol Barry)   2:20
12       Nobody Does It Better (Marvin Hamlisch, arr. Robin Dewhurst) Zoe Hancock, flügelhorn; Siobhan Bates, Alison Childs, Sammy Latus, tenor horn; Katrina Marzella, baritone 3:21
13       Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney, arr. Ray Farr) Benjamin Richeton, Martin Irwin, soprano cornet; Matthew Rigg, drum kit 4:03
14 Alone Yet Not Alone (Bruce Broughton)   4:07
15 To Boldly Go (Peter Graham)   7:54

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