Unity Series Band Journal - October 2017

Unity Series October 2017

Numbers 458 – 461
Grade/Difficulty: Suitable for youth bands and above
World of Brass/SP&S
Price: £34.95

No. 458 – March Medley – I Believe (Noel Jones)
This potpourri of songs brings the strong assurance of faith and hope together in an attractive and enjoyable manner. The tunes featured are “We shall win”, “I believe God answers prayer”, “I believe in God the Father”, and “I believe in the word of God”.

No. 459 – Horn Solo – Promises (Jörgen IJsendorn)
This is a brass setting of a song by Captain Matthew Spencer of the same title. The contemporary setting is simple in design and should prove to be popular.

No. 460 – Suite – Like a Melody (Steve Forman)
A short suite which will be an easy, yet attractive, addition to most bands’ repertoire.

No. 461 – I Am Praying (Jared Proellocks)
A contemporary setting of the much-loved chorus “I am praying blessed Saviour”, written by a young Salvationist from the Australia Southern Territory.

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  1. Adri Rijss

    The correct name is : J├Ârgen Ysendorn or IJsendorn, the latter with capital i and capital j

    1. Webmaster Post author

      Thanks for the correction. I have updated the post. The original spelling was taken from the World of Brass page for the release.

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