Black Dyke Gold VII

Black Dyke Gold VII cover art

Conducted by Professor Nicholas Childs
Doyen/World of Brass


1 The Liberty Bell (John Philip Sousa, arr. J. Ord Hume)
2 Odyssey (Kevin Norbury)
3 Ave Maria (J. S. Bach/Gounod, arr. J. A. Greenwood)
4 Intrepid Overture (William Himes)
5 The Seal Lullaby (Eric Whitacre, arr. Paul Sharman
6 Thingumybob (Lennon & McCartney, arr. Sandy Smith)
7 Ol’ Man River (Jerome Kern, arr. John Howarth)
8 Endearing Young Charms (Mantia, arr. David Childs)
9 All Through the Night (Gordon Langford)
  Paradise (Paul Mealor)
10       I. Darkness Visible
11       II. The Scherzo of Darkness
12       III. Chorale “In Paradisum”