The Heaton Collection Volume 6

Black Dyke Band conducted by Professor Nicholas Childs
Doyen/World of Brass

This is the sixth in the series of recordings featuring the catalog of works by Wilfred Heaton.


1 Scherzo
2 Meditation on Aberystwyth
  Little Suite
3       I. Grave - Prestissimo
4       II. Con energico
5       III. Cantabile
6       IV. Giocoso e ritmico
7       V. Presto
8 Lento
  Pilgrim’s Song
9       I. He who would Valiant be
10             To be a Pilgrim
11             The Way of Salvation
12       II. Now I saw in my dream …
13             The Slough of Despond
14             Christian’s Prayer
15             As he stood looking and weeping …
16             Christian’s Song
17       III. Then I saw in my dreams …
18             The Valley of Humiliation
19             On the Delectable Mountains
20       IV. And so God’s promise led Christian and Hopeful …
21             The Celestial City
22             Bright, Radiant, Blest
23 Dance of the Tumblers
24 Ballet Music No. 2
25 Sweet Hour of Prayer
26 Chorale Prelude on French
27 Full Salvation