In the Bleak Mid Winter

Gustav Holst, arr. David Catherwood
Opus 3 Music/Sheet Music Plus

Gustav Holst’s beautiful tune in a simple but effective arrangement. Suitable for school orchestras and ensembles. The arrangement allows for a great deal of flexibility in presentation. It will sound complete with as few as four players, yet the scoring allows for expansion up to full orchestra, concert band, or brass band.

A full set includes a score and a generous set of parts:

  • Part 1 in C (Oboe, Violin 1)
  • Part 1 in C (Flute)
  • Part 1 in B♭ (B♭ Clarinet 1, B♭ Trumpet 1)
  • Part 2 in C (Violin 2)
  • Part 2 in B♭ (B♭ Clarinet 2, B♭ Trumpet 2)
  • Part 2 in E♭ (Alto Saxophone, E♭ Horn)
  • Part 3 in C (Bassoon 1, Trombone)
  • Part 3 in E♭ (Alto Saxophone, E♭ Horn)
  • Part 3 in F (F Horn)
  • Part 3 in C alto clef (Viola)
  • Part 3 in B♭ treble clef (Tenor Saxophone, B♭ Trombone)
  • Part 4 in C (Cello, Double Bass, Bassoon 2, Bass Trombone)
  • Part 4 in E♭ treble clef (Baritone Saxophone, E♭ Tuba)
  • Part 4 in B♭ treble clef (B♭ Tuba)
  • Part in treble clef for B♭ Euphonium
  • Percussion