As I Pray

Cornet solo with brass band accompaniment
Joy Webb, arr. Andrew Poirier
Maple Leaf Brass

Comments from the arranger

The first time I heard the Songsters at my corps sing As I Pray, I was transfixed. Joy Webb’s ability to merge a beautiful melody with simple, direct lyrics is a rare gift. This arrangement was first conceived as a horn solo and was recorded by the North York Temple Band on their CD, Kingdom Seekers. I was recently asked to re-score it as a cornet solo and took the opportunity to make a few updates to the arrangement. Please take a moment to contemplate the words of the chorus:

You are here!
Deep inside the things I feel;
You’re already part of any words I try to say,
You are here!
Nothing can my thoughts conceal!
Help me, Saviour, as I pray.