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501The Beautiful Stream
169O have you not heard of the beautiful stream
502Lord, With My All I Part
474Saviour, my all I'm bringing to Thee
503We Shall Walk through the Valley
822We shall meet our loved ones there
504He Redeemed Me
315So that He for me might die
505Love at Home
893Father, let me dedicate
607O there's joy in every heart
179Sinner, whereso'er thou art
788What a work the Lord has done
506War Cry
803On to the conflict, soldiers, for the right
507God Is Near Thee
134Afar from Heaven thy feet have wandered
508Come With Thy Sin
153Guilty, lost sinner, from God thou hast wandered
509When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder
824When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound
510Keep on Believing
735When you feel weakest, dangers surround
511Rule, Britannia
512Blessed Assurance
240Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
140Bring to the Saviour thy burden of grief
735When you feel weakest, dangers surround
513Coming This Way
140Bring to the Saviour thy burden of grief
514It's True There's a Beautiful City
660'Tis true there's a beautiful city
515O Remember Calvary
516I'll Follow Thee
517Jesus, my Saviour, Will Welcome Sinners Home
518Living Beneath the Shade of the Cross
342If you want pardon, if you want peace
870Under the flag we've taken our stand
519I Have an Interest
520He's the Lily of the Valley
521Wash Me and Cleanse Me
522All I Have I Am Bringing to Thee
426All I have, by Thy Blood Thou dost claim
523Have Thy Way, Lord
524O the Blood of Jesus
525I Bring My All to Thee
726Oft have I heard Thy tender voice
526Dear Jesus on Calvary
527Are You Coming Home Tonight?
528At the Cross
326When my heart was so hard
529The Day of Victory's Coming
801March on, salvation soldiers
530I Know a Fount
531O the Prodigal's Coming Home
532O the Drunkard May Come
533Just As You Are
534I Am Trusting, Lord, in Thee
535There Is Mercy in Jesus
536Life's Morn Will Soon Be Waning
537All I Have I Leave for Jesus
538Come In, My Lord, Come In
539The Gospel Ship
540No Sorrow There
375Jesus, Thy fulness give
521My Maker and my King
79Not all the blood of beasts
917Sow in the morn thy seed
662We have a house above
541Praise God, I'm Saved!
980Praise God, I'm saved!
523All scenes alike engaging prove
547At even, ere the sun was set
622Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear
861Jesus, who lived above the sky
978O Father, let Thy love remain
545Deep Harmony
433Come, Saviour Jesus, from above
77Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness
620My God, how endless is Thy love?
88When I survey the wondrous Cross
146Come, sinners, to the gospel feast
583Jesus, wher'er Thy people meet
963O guest divine, be with us now
547Here at the Cross
440How can I better serve Thee, Lord
295Now, in a song of grateful praise
110Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove
433Come, Saviour Jesus, from above
583Jesus, wher'er Thy people meet
588Lord, speak to me, that I may speak
963O guest divine, be with us now
469O Master, let me walk with Thee
550Morning Hymn
519Awake, our souls; away our fears!
611Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go
160Ho, every one that thirsts, draw nigh
581Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts
612New every morning is the love
951O God, in whom alone is found
297O happy day that fixed my choice