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639Face to Face
155Hark! the gospel news is sounding
343Just outside the land of promise
473Saviour, if my feet have faltered
128Falcon Street
675Hark, how the watchmen cry
686Soldiers of Christ, arise
14Stand up and bless the Lord
499Fellowship with Thee
538Spirit of eternal love
341Fighting On
693To the war! To the war! Loud and long sounds the cry
140For Ever With the Lord
624And the Judge will descend
209Father, I dare believe
641For ever with the Lord!
358From every stain made clean
574I do not ask Thee, Lord
577Jesus, my strength, my hope
633Thou judge of quick and dead
273For I'm Going
459For You I Am Praying
552I have a Saviour; He's pleading in Glory
190We have a message, a message from Jesus
381Forward! Be Our Watchword
672Forward! Be our watchword!
711Jesus, Thou hast won us
907Welcome, happy morning
85There is a fountain filled with Blood
948Blest the dear uniting love
708Come, let us see the grace divine
589God if still the holy place
25God moves in a mysterious way
377Lord, I believe a rest remains
465O blessed Saviour, is Thy love
895O God of Bethel, by whose hand
16Through all the changing scenes of life
585From Strength to Strength
892And are we yet alive
244Come, ye that love the Lord
686Soldiers of Christ, arise
193We're traveling home to Heaven above
428Full Surrender
455Lord, I make a full surrender