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1015Jesus calls us, o'er the tumult
874When Jesus looked o'er Galilee
690Stand up, stand up for Jesus
670Am I a soldier of the Cross
761I'm not ashamed to own my Lord
224O love, Thou deep eternal tide
12Praise to the Holiest in the height
19What shall I render to my God
463Gird on the Armor
676I have read of men of faith
81Give Me a Heart Like Thine
389Give to Jesus Glory
974Give to Jesus glory
837To save the world the Saviour came
243Come, Thou fount of every blessing
470Precious Jesus, O to love Thee!
504Precious Saviour, Thou dost save me
707Who are these with colors waving
706Glory in the Highest
932Do you know the song that the angels sang
391Glory to His Name
246Down at the Cross where my Saviour died
335Go, Bury Thy Sorrow
774My rest is in Heaven, my rest is not here
915Seeds now we are sowing, and fruit they must bear
181So near the Kingdom! yet what dost thou lack?
472God Be With You
949God be with you till we meet again
186God Bless the Prince of Wales
369God Gave His Son for Me
31God gave his son for me
472Saviour, I long to be
438God Is Keeping His Soldiers
795God is keeping His soldiers fighting
227God Is Love
28Come, let us all unite to sing
286My heart is fixed, eternal God
507God Is Near Thee
134Afar from Heaven thy feet have wandered
58God Loved the World
32God loved the world of sinners lost
576God's Love is Wonderful
33God's love to me is wonderful
644How happy every child of grace
329Whene'er we meet, you always say
333With joy of heart I now can sing
100Rejoice, the Lord is King!
896The Lord of earth and sky
20Ye ransomed souls draw near
605Gospel Bells
55Have you ever heard the story
587Gospel Feast
147Come to the royal feast
143Come, for the feast is spread
470Precious Jesus, O to love Thee!
117Precious Saviour, we are coming
885Saviour, while my heart is tender
959This, our week of Self-Denial
47O for a thousand tongues to sing
295Guide Me, Great Jehovah
139Boundless as the mighty ocean
572Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah
553Jesus, give Thy Blood-washed Army
483Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer
663Guiding Star
721Lord, see me kneeling at Thy feet