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276Land Beyond the Blue
681Onward! Upward! Christian soldier
808We are marching home to Glory
580Land of Pure Delight
428And is it so? a gift from me
4Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God
656There is a land of pure delight
197Who comes to Me, the Saviour said
624And the Judge will descend
338Blest are the pure in heart
746Commit thou all thy griefs
747Give to the winds thy fears
856If Jesus Christ was sent
222Not what these hands have done
387O come and dwell in me
615This is the day of light
617Last Hope
563Come, my soul, thy suit prepare
564Day by day the manna fell
362I am coming to the Cross
447Jesus, all-atoning Lamb
727Oft in danger, oft in woe
511Break Thou the Bread of Life
354Come in, my Lord, come in
568Give me a restful mind
314Let Me Love Thee
454Let me love Thee, Thou are claiming
280Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
432Brightly beams our Father's mercy
260I have seen His face in blessing
270I've a Friend, of Friends the fairest
370Jesus, lead me up the mountain
460Mine to rise when Thou dost call me
334Let Us Raise Our Cheerful Voices
357Life for a Look
188There is life for a look at the crucified One
201With a sorrow for sin must repentance begin
536Life's Morn Will Soon Be Waning
68Lift Up the Banner
314Salvation! O the joyful sound!
706We'll shout aloud throughout the land
617Father of love and power
678March to the battlefield
771My faith looks up to Thee
133Thou, whose almighty word
518Living Beneath the Shade of the Cross
342If you want pardon, if you want peace
870Under the flag we've taken our stand
898Christ the Lord is risen again
250Have you on the Lord believed?
498Now I feel the sacred fire
534'Mid all the traffic of the ways
130Father of peace, and God of love
41How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
86There is a green hill far away
347Walk in the light: so shalt thou know
720Lobe den Herren
13Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation
400Long, Long Ago
495Jesus, my Lord, through Thy triumph I claim
586Lord, for a mighty revival we plead
382Lord, through the Blood of the Lamb that was slain
594Look Away to Jesus
845Children, sing for gladness
957Christ of self denial
344Lord Jesus, I Long
380Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole
381Lord Jesus, my heart has been hard and unclean
76Lord, Fill My Craving Heart
357For ever here my rest shall be
599While here before Thy Cross I kneel
236Lord, I Believe
763Jesus Christ is now amongst us
502Lord, With My All I Part
474Saviour, my all I'm bringing to Thee
505Love at Home
893Father, let me dedicate
607O there's joy in every heart
179Sinner, whereso'er thou art
788What a work the Lord has done
645Love Divine
384Love divine, from Jesus flowing
403O Thou God of full salvation
947Sing we many years of blessing
AS1002Love Lifted Me
1002I was sinking deep in sin
288Loved Ones Gone Before
57Lover of the Lord
174Return, O wanderer, return
466O God, what offering shall I give
393Lux Benigna
585Lead, kindly light, amid the encircling gloom
314Salvation! O the joyful sound!
543Talk with me, Lord, Thyself reveal
51There is a name I love to hear
836To save the world is our desire