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240Pass Me Not
710In this hour of dedication
226Pass me not, O loving Saviour
609Passion Chorale
81O sacred head now wounded
674Pax Tecum
777Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?
600Be it my only wisdom here
744But can it be that I should prove
643How dark and dreadful is the place
627Lo! on a narrow neck of land
769Lord Jesus, Thou dost keep Thy child
910O Holy Ghost, on Thee we wait
395O Jesus, Saviour, Christ divine
725O Lord, how often should we be
399O love divine, how sweet Thou art!
346There is a dwelling-place above
560Thy voice hath spoken, souls have heard
597Pilgrim Song
878He who would valiant be
796Hark, hark, my soul, what warlike songs are swelling
884Rise up, O youth! For mighty winds are stirring
967Spirit divine, Thou loveliest and holy
107Yet once again, by God's abundant mercy
319Pleasure in His Service
416What now are these burning longings
330Where are now those doubts that hindered
326Poor Old Joe
827All round the world the Army chariot rolls
249Gone are the days of wretchedness and sin
269Pour Thy Spirit
117Precious Saviour, we are coming
353Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire
555Lord, give me more soul-saving love
775Not all the powers of Hell can fright
914Our thankful hearts need joyful songs
541Praise God, I'm Saved!
980Praise God, I'm saved!
646Praise, My Soul
753Happy we who trust in Jesus
99Lo! He comes with clouds descending
960Lord, we ask Thy richest blessing
384Love divine, from Jesus flowing
304O Thou God of my salvation
11Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven
277Precious Name
828All the world shall be the conquest
49Tale the name of Jesus with you
53Prepare Me
638Your garments must be white as snow
957Christ of self denial
450Jesus, precious Saviour, Thou hast saved my soul
1010Standing on the promises of Christ my King
460Promoted to Glory
821Summoned home! The call has sounded
488Pull for the Shore