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672Forward! Be our watchword!
797Hark! the sounds of singing
280Living in the fountain
907Welcome, happy morning
696Who is on the Lord's side?
794Earthly kingdoms rise and fall
712Lord of love and life and power
497Loved with everlasting love
388O disclose Thy lovely face!
966Saviour, let Thy sanction rest
949God be with you till we meet again
124Gracious Spirit, dwell with me
191Weary souls that wander wide
516Lord, Thy Word abideth
360Ready to Die
201With a sorrow for sin must repentance begin
297Regent Square
151Come, ye sinners, poor and needy
556O Thou God of every nation
304O Thou God of my salvation
947Sing we many years of blessing
64Remember Me
63Alas! and did my Saviour bleed
481Rescue the Perishing
682Rescue the perishing, care for the dying
526Dear Lord and Father of mankind
340Eternal Light! Eternal Light!
389O for a closer wlalk with God
965Our Jesus freely did appear
518The Spirit breathes upon the Word
413There is a holy hill of God
527From every stormy wind that blows
219My God, my Father, does Thou call
404O Thou to whose all-searching light
58Our sufferings, Lord, to Thee are known
683Saviour and Lord, we pray to Thee
512Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire
391O for a heart to praise my God
8O Lord, I will delight in Thee
519Awake, our souls; away our fears!
98Jesus shall reign where'er the sun
468Ring the Bell, Watchman
671Come, join our Army, to battle we go
731Ring the Bells of Heaven
804Ring the bells of heaven, there is joy today
374Robin Adair
247Fade, fade each earthly joy
31God gave his son for me
15Rocked in the Cradle
361He wills that I should holy be
88When I survey the wondrous Cross
252Room for Jesus
158Have you any room for Jesus
207By Thy birth and by Thy tears
352Center of our hopes Thou art
373Jesus, Shepherd of the sheep
388O disclose Thy lovely face!
511Rule, Britannia
985God save America! New world of glory
435Dear Lord, I do surrender
256I could not do without Thee
762In heavenly love abiding
223O Jesus, Thou art standing
782The sands of time are sinking