Tune-to-Song Index: Tune Book (1987)

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163A Child This Day Is Born
72A Child this day is born
244A Light Came Out of Darkness
94A light came out of darkness
67A Little Ship
911With steady pace the pilgrim moves
1A Little Star Peeps O'er the Hill
596A Melody In My Heart
340In my heart there's a gladsome melody
597A Miracle of Grace
858I'm going to make my life into a melody
459A Perfect Trust
770When I ponder o'er the story
598A Robe of White
811Marching on in the light of God
68A Soldier of the Cross
678Am I a soldier of the Cross
874Brief is our journey through the years
350A Sunbeam
844Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
599A Wonderful Saviour
329I have glorious tidings of Jesus to tell
556All scenes alike engaging prove
558At even, ere the sun was set
176Deep were the scarlet stains of sin
676Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear
737Jesus, lover of my soul
517Abide with Me
670Abide with me; fast falls the eventide
654Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace
256Return, O wanderer, return
23What shall I render to my God
526The love of Christ doth me constrain
552Adeste Fideles
409Before Thy face, dear Lord
85O come, all ye faithful
6Eternal God, unchanging
828Salvation! Shout salvation
167Ten thousand times ten thousand
600All Hail, I'm Saved!
694Soldiers fighting round the Cross
601All I Have I Am Bringing to Thee
473All I have, by Thy Blood Thou dost claim
602All My Heart This Night Rejoices
73All my heart this night rejoices
604All Things Bright and Beautiful
25Each little flower that opens
339All Through the Night
285As I am before Thy face
377One there is above all others
764Through the love of God our Saviour
603All You Need Is a Miracle
605All Your Anxiety
246Is there a heart o'erbound by sorrow?
480Almighty to Save
454O when shall my soul find her rest
606Almost Persuaded
226Almost persuaded now to believe
878For those we love within the veil
744My God, my Father, make me strong
15O Lord of Heaven and earth and sea
855A boy was born in Bethlehem
556All scenes alike engaging prove
796O Father, Friend of all mankind
102When Christ drew near to dwell with men
362Always Cheerful
70Amazing Grace
308Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
254O what amazing words of grace
23What shall I render to my God
968My country, 'tis of thee
5And Above the Rest
144I know that my Redeemer lives
380Praise God for what He's done for me!
607Angels Watching Over Me
558At even, ere the sun was set
519O Master, let me walk with Thee
238Annie Laurie
65Of all in earth or Heaven
199Anything for Jesus
792Gentle arms of Jesus
499Jesus, precious Saviour, Thou hast saved my soul
788Jesus, Thou hast won us
AS979Are Ye Able?
979Are ye able, said the Master
608Are You Washed?
417Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing power?
208Come, Holy Ghost, all sacred fire!
116Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness
942O God, in whom alone is found
692Saviour and Lord, we pray to Thee
202Spirit of God, that moved of old
526The love of Christ doth me constrain
688Lord, as we take our chosen way
518O Lord, whose human hands were quick
692Saviour and Lord, we pray to Thee
646What various hindrances we meet
102When Christ drew near to dwell with men
803Hark! the sounds of singing
352Living in the fountain
690Onward, Christian soldiers
707Who is on the Lord's side?
14O Lord, I will delight in Thee
72Around the Throne
326I feel like singing all the time
609As High As the Sky
49Have you ever stopped to think how God loves you?
610As We Pray
955Jesus, so dear to us
177Fairest Lord Jesus
366O happy, happy day
374Once I was far in sin
611At Calvary
405Years I spent in vanity and pride
612At Peace with God
536At peace with God! How great the blessing
580At the Cross
395When my heart was so hard
236At the Cross There's Room
261Sinner, wheresoe'er thou art
613At Thy Feet I Fall
448O Lamb of God, Thou wonderful Sin-bearer
647When shall I come unto the healing waters?
73Auld Lang Syne
325I could not do without thee
495I'm set apart for Jesus
943O God of love eternal
862O Jesus, I have promised
299O Jesus, Thou art standing
944O Lord, regard Thy people
949The voice that breathed o'er Eden
776Army flag! Thy threefold glory
157Glorious things of thee are spoken
158God is with us, God is with us
622O Thou God of every nation
452O thou God of full salvation
833We have caught the vision splendid
555Who the child of God shall sever
553Away in a Manger
77Away in a manger, no crib for a bed
27Beyond the farthest bounds of earth
651Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire
64O for a thousand tongues to sing
988O for a thousand tongues to sing
14O Lord, I will delight in Thee