Tune-to-Song Index: Tune Book (1987)

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193Holy Spirit, hear us
599Jesus, stand among us
673Now the day is over
564Come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile
181O Christ, who came to share our human life
674Saviour, again to Thy dear name we raise
614Battle Hymn of the Republic
162Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
481Be Glad in the Lord
537Be glad in the Lord and rejoice
679Be strong in the grace of the Lord
526Beautiful Christ
175Beautiful Jesus, bright star of the earth
273Beautiful Star
873Beautiful land, so bright, so fair
428Beautiful Zion
157Glorious things of thee are spoken
595Jesus, Lord, we come to hail thee
662Help us to help each other, Lord
625Prayer is the soul's sincere desire
208Come, Holy Ghost, all sacred fire!
353Lord, I was blind! I could not see
612Lord, speak to me, that I may speak
445O for a humbler walk with God!
932This is the field, the world below
616Before I Found Salvation
309Before I found salvation
530Begone, Unbelief
712Begone, unbelief
617Begone, Vain World
426I want, dear Lord, a heart that's true and clean
536Behold Him!
710A wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord
10Behold Me Standing at the Door
229Behold Me standing at the door
330Behold the Lamb
107Behold! behold the Lamb of God
75Behold the Saviour
590In days long past the mercy seat
551Show me Thy face, one transient gleam
461There is a holy hill of God
29God moves in a mysterious way
425I want a principle within
658Thy word is like a garden, Lord
618Beneath the Cross
476Beneath the Cross of Jesus
581Here, Lord, assembled in Thy name
958O Father, let Thy love remain
95Blessed are the pure in spirit
920Bring your tithes into the storehouse
210Come, Thou all-inspiring Spirit
313Come, Thou fount of every blessing
716Courage, brother, do not stumble
777Emblem of a thousand battles
576God of comfort and compassion
109Hail, Thou once-despised Jesus
241Have you any room for Jesus
663Home is home, however lowly
324I believe that God the Father
498Jesus, I my cross have taken
500King of love so condescending
63Never fades the name of Jesus
452O thou God of full salvation
753Precious promise God hath given
399Where are now those doubts that hindered
555Who the child of God shall sever
331Better World
432Jesus, thy purity bestow
268There is a better world, they say
12Beulah Land
619Bind Us Together
358My life flows on in endless song
934To Thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise
565Compared with Christ, in all beside
496Immortal love, forever full
636Talk with me, Lord, Thyself reveal
230Boundless as the mighty ocean
875Day of judgment! Day of wonders!
540Full salvation, full salvation
593Jesus, give Thy Blood-washed Army
439Love divine, from Jesus flowing
579He giveth more grace as our burdens grow greater
503Let me love thee, thou art claiming
438Love divine, all loves excelling
833We have caught the vision splendid
645What a friend we have in Jesus
621Blessed Assurance
310Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
773When you feel weakest, dangers surround
240Blessed Jesus
410Blessed Lord
713Blessed Lord, in Thee is refuge
622Blessedly Saved
321I am saved, blessedly saved, by the Blood
190Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove
234Come, sinners, to the gospel feast
419He wills that I should holy be
602Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts
533What shall we offer to our Lord
145Bound for Canaan's Shore
375Once I was lost, on the breakers tossed
843Jesus loves me! This I know
623Brahms' Lullaby
739Let thy heart be at rest
59I know thee who thou art
131Silent and still I stand
411Bread of Heaven
578Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah
363Breathe Upon Me
477Blessed Saviour, now behold me
78Bright Crowns
912Ye valiant soldiers of the Cross
624Bringing in the Sheaves
930Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness
842Jesus, friend of little children
837Father, lead me day by day
793Gentle Jesus, meek and mild
652Holy bible, book divine
789Lord of life and love and power
846Saviour, teach me day by day
228Art thou weary, art thou languid
582Holy Father, in Thy mercy
727I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus
842Jesus, friend of little children
364Burning, Burning
206Burning, burning, brightly burning
182O the deep, deep love of Jesus