Tune-to-Song Index: Tune Book (1987)

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635Dare to Be a Daniel
847Standing by purpose true
106Arise, my soul, arise
940Christ is our cornerstone
62Let earth and Heaven agree
164Rejoice, the Lord is King!
629Saviour, we know thou art
248Day of Rest
862O Jesus, I have promised
853When, His salvation bringing
16Deep Harmony
480Come, Saviour Jesus, from above
116Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness
672My God, how endless is Thy love!
127On every hill our Saviour dies
136When I survey the wondrous Cross
368Denmark Hill
520Precious Jesus, O to love Thee!
528Thou art holy, Lord of glory
472A charge to keep I have
411Blest are the pure in heart
660Blest be the tie that binds
723Have faith in God, my heart
594Jesus, I fain would find
603Jesus, we look to thee
505Lord, in the strength of grace
120Not all the blood of beasts
297Not what these hands have done
890Servant of God, well done!
756Spirit of faith, come down
307When shall my love constrain
280Depth of Mercy
286Depth of mercy! Can there be
56All hail the power of Jesus' name!
562Come in, my Lord, come in
314Come, ye that love the Lord
156Crown Him with many crowns
568Equip me for the war
742My faith looks up to Thee
362No home on earth have I
827Peace in our time, O Lord
171Thine is the kingdom, Lord
76As with gladness men of old
28For the beauty of the earth
636Do, Lord!
353Dominus Regit Me
67The great Physician now is near
53The King of love my Shepherd is
84Down in the Garden
709A friend of Jesus! O what bliss
654Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace
233Down Where the Living Waters Flow
366O happy, happy day
374Once I was far in sin
560Behold the throne of grace
616My Maker and my King
637Draw Me Nearer
585I am thine, O Lord: I have heard thy voice
17Duke Street
559Awake our souls; away our fears!
408Awake, awake! Fling off the night!
718Fight the good fight with all thy might
667Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go
160Jesus shall reign where'er the sun
964O God, beneath Thy guiding hand
867The Lord is King! I own His power
638Dutch Carol
153This joyful Eastertide
AS974Dwelling in Beulah Land
974Far away the noise of strife upon my ear