Tune-to-Song Index: Tune Book (1987)

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191Come, Thou everlasting Spirit
570Father, hear the prayer we offer
428Jesus call us! O'er the tumult
863Plan our life, O gracious Saviour
554Who shall dare to separate us
699Stand up, stand up for Jesus
678Am I a soldier of the Cross
572Forgive our sins as we forgive
735I'm not ashamed to own my Lord
18Praise to the Holiest in the height
23What shall I render to my God
651Gird on the Armour
686I have read of men of faith
354Give to Jesus Glory
952Give to Jesus glory
831To save the world the Saviour came
653Glory in the Highest
80Do you know the song that the angels sang
654Glory to His Name
315Down at the Cross where my Saviour died
372Glory to the Lamb
313Come, Thou fount of every blessing
520Precious Jesus, O to love Thee!
652Glory! Glory!
383Songs of salvation are sounding
559Go, Bury Thy Sorrow
928Seeds now we are sowing, and fruit they must bear
263So near to the Kingdom? Yet what dost thou lack?
589God Be In My Head
953God be in my head
506God Be with You
954God be with you till we meet again
252God Bless the Prince of Wales
699Stand up, stand up for Jesus
188God Gave His Son for Me
45God gave his Son for me
655God Is Keeping His Soldiers
800God is keeping His soldiers fighting
333God Is Love
43Come, let us all unite to sing
356My heart is fixed, eternal God
656God Is Near Thee
225Afar from Heaven thy feet have wandered
90God Loved the World
46God loved the world of sinners lost
241God of the Open Spaces
214God Save the Queen (King)
150God's Love Is Wonderful
48God's love to me is wonderful
62God's Soldier
801God's soldier marches as to war
432Jesus, thy purity bestow
164Rejoice, the Lord is King!
253Gospel Bells
96Have you ever heard the story
614Master, speak: thy servant heareth
201Precious Saviour, we are coming
922This, our time of self denial
528Thou art holy, Lord of glory
657Great Is Thy Faithfulness
33Great is thy faithfulness
AS983Great Is Thy Faithfulness
33Great is thy faithfulness
983Great is thy faithfulness
64O for a thousand tongues to sing
415Guide Me, Great Jehovah
230Boundless as the mighty ocean
540Full salvation, full salvation
593Jesus, give Thy Blood-washed Army