Tune-to-Song Index: Tune Book (1987)

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698Jesus Bids Us Shine
841Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure light
699Jesus Came with Peace to Me
379Pleasures sought, dearly bought
700Jesus Is Calling
484Earnestly seeking to save and to heal
248Jesus is tenderly calling thee home
473Jesus Is Good to Me
541I sought for love and strength and light
457Jesus Is Looking for Thee
786I would be Thy holy temple
247Is there a heart that is waiting
457Send out Thy light and Thy truth, Lord
99Tell me the story of Jesus
701Jesus Is My Light
400Why should life a weary journey seem
702Jesus Is Strong to Deliver
467What are you doubting and fearing?
101Jesus Saves Me Now
385The glorious gospel word declares
703Jesus Saves!
393We have heard the joyful sound
309Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me
598Jesus, Saviour, pilot me
704Jesus, Stand Among Us
384Jesus, Tender Shepherd
265Souls of men! why will ye scatter
705Jesus, Thou Art Everything to Me
600Jesus, tender Lover of my soul
872Above the waves of earthly strife
667Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go
102Jordan's Banks
887On Jordan's stormy banks I stand
706Joy in the Salvation Army
807Joy! Joy! Joy! There is joy in the Salvation Army
103Joy to the World
81Hark the glad sound! The Saviour comes
84Joy to the world! The Lord is come
345Joy Without Alloy
391Though I wandered far from Jesus
474Just As Thou Art
287Drawn to the cross which thou hast blest
860Just as I am, Thine own to be
293Just as I am, without one plea
546Just Where He Needs Me
706What can I say to cheer a world of sorrow?