Tune-to-Song Index: Tune Book (1987)

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390O Be Saved
259Sinner, how thy heart is troubled!
568O Bliss of the Purified
364O bliss of the purified, bliss of the free!
AS994O Canada
994O Canada! Our home and native land!
119O Come to My Heart
282A needy sinner at Thy feet
528O For a Heart Whiter than Snow
507Lord, thou art questioning: Lovest thou me?
443O for a heart that is whiter than snow
37O Happy Day
365O happy day that fixed my choice
290O I Do Love Jesus
156O Little Town of Bethlehem
86O little town of Bethlehem
476O Live Thy Life In Me
455Saviour, I want Thy love to know
754O Man of Galilee
628Saviour of light, I look just now to Thee
755O Remember
276What is the love of Jesus to thee?
756O Save Me, Dear Lord!
288I bring thee my cares and my sorrows
441O Saviour, I Am Coming
470With my heart so full of sadness
482O Speak
422I bring Thee, dear Jesus, my all
589I want that adorning divine
757O That's the Place
348Jesus is my Saviour, this I know
758O the Crowning Day
169There is coming on a great day of rejoicing
391O the Peace
549Once I thought I walked with Jesus
759O Touch the Hem
304She only touched the hem of His garment
760O What a Hiding Place
341In the love of Jesus I have found a refuge
761O What a Wonderful Day
386The Saviour sought and found me
766To the hills I lift my eyes
497Old 23rd
509Master, I own Thy lawful claim
38Old Hundredth
3All people that on earth do dwell
4Before Jehovah's awful throne
957Lord of all glory and of grace
959Praise God, from whom all blessings flow
39On Calvary's Brow
125On Calvary's brow my Saviour died
326On the Cross of Calvary
128On the Cross of Calvary
763On We March
600Jesus, tender Lover of my soul
764Only a Step
255Only a step to Jesus
120Only Trust Him
231Come, every soul by sin oppressed
205Onward, Christian Soldiers
690Onward, Christian soldiers
765Open and Let the Master In
373Once I heard a sound at my heart's dark door
856For your holy book we thank you
159Jesus comes! Let all adore Him!
614Master, speak: thy servant heareth
766Our God Reigns
767Out of My Bondage
300Out of my bondage, sorrow and night
455Out of My Darkness
378Out of my darkness God called me
768Over Jordan
809Make the world with music ring