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Steadily Forward March! in Alexandria

National Capital Band Logo (large)

On Sunday afternoon, 2 October 2016, the National Capital Area Command (NCAC) held a Soldier’s Rally at the Alexandria Citadel Corps. A wide variety of music and creative arts groups from around the area were featured, anchored by the National Capital Band (Bandmaster Dr. Steve Kellner). The theme of the rally was “Steadily Forward March!”, with the program being divided into sections focusing on the past, present, and future of the Salvation Army.  Read more

Central Music Institute 2016

Central Music Institute 2016

Teens and young adults gathered over ten days in August 2016 at Camp Wonderland (Wisconsin) for Central Music Institute 2016 (CMI). Under the new leadership of Dr. Harold Burgmayer, the camp saw new and exciting changes that proved that CMI is still “the place to be”.  Read more