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World in Union Concert

The London Central Fellowship Band (Bandmaster David Daws) brought its 2011 season to a close with a successful visit to Symphony Hall, Birmingham, playing for an audience of 1,500 gathered for the Extra Care Charitable Trust 2011 World in Union Concert. The event also included other special guests including Tom O'Connor, Rustie Lee, Gary Lovini and Kirsty Michele Anderson among other well-known artists.  Read more

Pre-Christmas Concert at Lovat Fields

The London Central Fellowship Band (Bandmaster David Daws) returned to Lovat Fields Village, Milton Keynes, on 26 November 2011 to start the Christmas season, playing to an audience of over 200 people.  Read more

LCFB at St. Albans

A warm and eager audience greeted the London Central Fellowship Band (Bandmaster David Daws) on the occasion of its second visit to the St. Albans Salvation Army Hall in the last four years.  Read more

LCFB Featured on Radio 2

The London Central Fellowship Band (Bandmaster David Daws) was honored to be featured on BBC Radio 2’s program “Listen to the Band” on 26 October 2011.   Read more


The London Central Fellowship Band, under the direction of David Daws, launched its new recording, "Bandology", at Hendon Salvation Army Hall on 10 September 2011.  Read more

David Daws Featured at Oslo Temple

Noted cornet soloist David Daws proved to be as inspiring a guest as could be hoped for when he visited with the Oslo Temple Band (Bandmaster Philip Hannevik) on the last weekend of January, 2005.  Read more

Passing the Baton at the Castle

After thirty years of leadership, Bandmaster Leslie Piper of Leicester Castle has passed on the baton. John Broadhurst has been appointed bandmaster.  Read more