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The Dove (Y Deryn Pur)

Also known as The Dear Dove, The Gentle Bird, The Gentle Dove and The Sincere Bird, this traditional Welsh song is presented here as a euphonium solo, arranged by Alan Fernie.  Read more

Tros y Garreg (Over the Stone)

This skillful arrangement by Welshman Tony Small was made for David Childs, who recorded a version with brass band accompaniment for his solo album Celtic Charm.  Read more


Pearls is the worthy successor to the superb, award-winning Diamonds that Steven Mead recorded with the Central Band of the Royal Air Force in 2012.   Read more


A recording featuring Alexis Demailly (cornet) and Bastien Baumet (euphonium) with the Paris Brass Band.  Read more

Journey - Misa Mead

This is the stunning debut recording from Misa Mead (née Akahoshi), capturing her superb musicianship and control.  Read more

Scottish Folk Variants (Euphonium Solo)

This solo was written for the ISB120 event in June 2011 especially for Derick Kane and the International Staff Band. The material for the solo is indicative of Kane's Scottish roots.  Read more

Fountain of Euph

A varied collection of solos for euphonium accompanied by piano, with Robert Miller (euphonium) and Rachel Ewing (piano).  Read more

Sempre Libera

A recording of euphonium solos featuring virtuoso David Thornton with Brighouse and Rastrick Band.  Read more