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Dance Music

This music is a suite in four movements. The ever-changing spirit of the dance is reflected in the contrasting styles of each movement, ranging from the gentle lullaby to more boisterous and lively moods.  Read more

Jubilo, Jubilo

Written in a lively Latin big-band style, this piece was written in 2013 for the Territorial Youth Band course in Bournemouth, England.  Read more

War Cry

Based on the song "Ever is the war cry", this work was written as the opener for the New York Staff Band's 125th anniversary concert in March 2012.  Read more

The Gathering

This concert opener was written for the Canadian Staff Band’s European tour, which culminated in its attendance at the ISB120 event in London, June 2011.  Read more

Scottish Folk Variants (Euphonium Solo)

This solo was written for the ISB120 event in June 2011 especially for Derick Kane and the International Staff Band. The material for the solo is indicative of Kane's Scottish roots.  Read more