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20 Duets for Brass

These favorite old duets by Richard Shuebruk have been cleaned up and edited by Andrew Clayden to make them more fluid for modern-day performances. Trumpet/cornet B♭, trombone, or baritone, with piano accompaniment.  Read more

Sortie in E♭

This tongue-in-cheek organ music from 19th-century France makes an exciting arrangement for brass. Scored for brass ensemble (trumpet E♭, three trumpets B♭, two horns, three trombones, and tuba).  Read more

Two Pieces (for brass quintet)

Two of Mussorgsky’s musical pictures, Near the Southern Shore of the Crimea and On the Southern Shore of the Crimea, arranged for brass quintet (two trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba) by Joseph Chopp.  Read more