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Jubilo, Jubilo

Written in a lively Latin big-band style, this piece was written in 2013 for the Territorial Youth Band course in Bournemouth, England.  Read more


Fusion seeks to capture the sense of celebration that arises when a believer arrives in Heaven and is finally joined in eternal fellowship with God.  Read more

BugleTweet Service Launched

The vision of BugleTweet is that by means of short text posts, photos and occasional video, the sights and sounds of Salvation Army programs can be broadcast to people who, because of distance, ill-health or other reasons, cannot attend an event.  Read more

Coventry City Weekend with Cordners

On the weekend of 7 - 8 September 2013, Captains Martin and Leanne Cordner visited the Coventry City Corps, leading the corps band in a retreat on Saturday and leading worship at the corps on Sunday.  Read more