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Dream Times

Steven Mead - Dream Times (2016)

Released in the summer of 2016, Dream Times is the first new album from Steven Mead in two years. Many of the works are brand-new compositions receiving their first performances, and others are new arrangements. The recording has a theme of music and dreams, giving it a fascinating feel.  Read more

Lyrical Virtuoso

Steven Mead - Lyrical Virtuoso (2016)

Renowned euphonium virtuoso Steven Mead teams up with Belgian ensemble Brassband Buizingen (Musical Director Luc Vertommen) for a set of euphonium solos, several arranged by MD Vertommen.  Read more


Pearls is the worthy successor to the superb, award-winning Diamonds that Steven Mead recorded with the Central Band of the Royal Air Force in 2012.   Read more

Journey - Misa Mead

This is the stunning debut recording from Misa Mead (née Akahoshi), capturing her superb musicianship and control.  Read more


A recording featuring Steven Mead (euphonium) with Lidia Ksiazkiewicz (organ).  Read more

Great American Brass Band Festival 2005

The 17th annual Great American Brass Band Festival was held in Danville, Kentucky 10 - 12 June 2005. The festival, held primarily on the campus of Centre College, is hosted by the Advocate Brass Band, based in Danville.  Read more