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Tribute to Lt.-Colonel Ivor Rich

Lt.-Colonel Ivor Rich (retired) passed away on 11 June 2014. Among his many distinguished appointments and roles in the Salvation Army was a term as executive officer of the Canadian Staff Band.  Read more

A Tribute to Major Leslie Condon

This recording, including both brass and vocal music of Major Leslie Condon, features the Croydon Citadel Band (Bandmaster Iain Parkhouse), Regent Hall Songsters (Songster Leader Mark Walton), Les Neish (tuba) and Brett Baker (trombone).  Read more

Canadian Staff Band 45th Anniversary Festival

An air of excitement and anticipation swelled through the capacity audience at Scarborough Citadel, Toronto, on Saturday, 24 May 2014 as they awaited the entry of the Canadian Staff Band (Bandmaster John Lam) for its 45th Anniversary Festival. This year’s focus was on honoring Staff Band alumni – 147 in all, including 28 deceased members.  Read more

Tribute in Mt. Pleasant

Every year on the Sunday closest to 29 May, the Salvation Army pays tribute to the leaders, bandsmen and soldiers who perished in the sinking of the Empress of Ireland in the St. Lawrence River on 29 May 1914.  Read more